Kawah Ijen Volcano Blue Lava, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen Volcano Indonesia

Volcanoes are the focal point of old stories and legend wherever they exist. These blazing mountains inclined to startlingly emitting in falls of magma and fiery remains have roused and terrified people for a considerable length of time. Notwithstanding, there is one fountain of liquid magma that has a notoriety that outperforms all others, Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen well of lava also called the blue spring of gushing lava.

The dynamic Kawah Ijen Volcano is a piece of a complex of volcanoes in Banywang Regency, Java. This mainstream complex is arranged inside Ijen hole with strato volcano Gunung Merapi as the most noteworthy point. It is one of the world’s most abnormal volcanoes on the grounds that as opposed to delivering the standard red magma and dark smoke, its secret exercises result in brilliant blue blazes ascending into the air. A few people even call it electric blue fire. The quantity of voyagers who travel to East Java and Indonesia has essentially expanded.

The wonder is caused when the fountain of liquid magma’s sulfuric gases come into contact with air temperature over 360°C. The Ijen fountain of liquid magma complex has a portion of the most abnormal amounts of sulfur on the planet. This thick accumulation of the gas, when presented to oxygen and lit by the liquid hot magma consumes blue.
Not at all like standard volcanoes whose brilliant red magma is unmistakable in the day, Kawah Ijen’s blue consuming flares must be seen during the evening.

Here you can likewise locate the biggest corrosive lake on the planet which is advantageously arranged inside the pit.
The Ijen well of lava complex holds another, darker mystery. It is home to one of the world’s most risky sulfur mining tasks on the planet.

Guests to East Java can take a guided gathering visit during the evening to the spring of gushing lava to see the blue fire wonder for themselves. Keep in mind to plan your outing and get a guide as the entire place can be very perilous.

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