Krampusnacht Festival

Krampus Nacht Festival

KRAMPUSNACHT, on 5th of December, Krampus, a half demon and half goat like the structured devil who appears on the street during the Christmas season.

On this day half goat like structured devil appears to punish children especially for those who have misbehaved.

In this celebration, Saint Nicholas distributes gifts, as Krampus half like demon who is responsible
to punish the badly behaved children.

KRAMPUSNACHT which is actually called Night of Krampus.
On holiday greetings card Krampus is featured, which is called KRAMPUSNACHT.

In this event, Krampus costumes are made from horns of the animal, skins of sheeps and goat, as costume characters are different which is the main part of this celebration.

In this event, a child who will receive a gift(golden branch) from Saint Nicholas, whereas demon like structured Krampus who will take gifts for himself from the misbehaved child which represents the bad behaviour of the child and give a silver branch.

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